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"Produce fruit in keeping with repentance." Matthew 3:8 (NIV)

While reading my Bible this morning, the verse above popped out at me.  Several thought concerning it's meaning and how I could apply it to my life jumped into my head, but as I was organizing my thoughts to write today's devotional, based on this verse, another thought came to mind.

Now, whether it was the Lord or me, I do not know, but the thought was...instead of always telling others what you think, why don't you ask them what they think?''

So, that's just what I'm doing today. I'm asking you to leave a comment and tell me what you think about this verse. What does it mean to you?  Will reading this verse change you in any way? If so, how?

I'm excited about reading your comments. I think God is going to use you to teach me something today!

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Laser Point Ministries said...

I've recently come under conviction for my lack of missionary work. Bearing fruit in this evangelism area has been non-existent in my life. I'm ashamed. Yesterday I contacted the missions coordinator at my church about going on one of our next trips to Honduras or Nicaraugua. I want to bear fruit from repenting of not being a go and tell Christian!

Joy said...

In my life this verse pops up rather often. I think it means to keep on top of the repenting process. In other words, when you sin or realize that you sinned, to repent immediately. That action keeps you more aware of what is sin in your life and builds the fruit of the spirit of self-control.

As you become more aware of the sins that crop up, then you learn better to cut them down quickly with the sword of repentence.
The fruits of goodness, patience, kindness, meekness and all the others grow up too as you keep a consistent check on where you're at through repentence.

Thanks for asking!

Kathie said...

The first place we need to be truthful is in our heart, with ourselves. Joyce Meyer

Sometimes we need to look at ourselves before we can bear fruit. We complain about things going wrong without understanding that we may be contributing to the problem. Our heart has to be open and our sins repented for us to teach others the wonders and gifts that the Lord bestows on us.

Anonymous said...

Freshness.....that's what I take away from this verse. Here in Ohio we can fruit that is grown through out the summer. But there is nothing like taking a bite of fruit picked fresh off of the tree. Therefore, when we come to the Lord daily and repent of our sins, it allows the fresh fruits of the Spirit to flow through our lives. Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Forgiveness..... Missy

Jan Christiansen said...

Love the comments, everyone! As I read each one, I get a more rounded picture of what God wants to say through His word, because He speaks to each of our hearts in a little different way.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!