It's all Found IN Him

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In church Sunday morning during worship, certain words started skipping across my mind. Words like...

...all things we long for, things we pray for, but as I thought about how we ask God for these things, it occurred to me that if we are seeking God with our whole heart, there is no need to pray for these things, for they are all found in Him. When we find Him, we have all these things, so rather than seek them, seek Him. I know this is no big revelation to most of you, but for some reason, it was a light-bulb moment for me. Now I can just focus on knowing God and experiencing His presence, sitting with Him and soaking up all that is in Him. When I do that, I will lack nothing, for every good thing is found in Him. 
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Joy said...

You're so right! I wasn't thinking in this line, either, until you brought it to light. Thanks Girlfriend!!!