Foul Weather Faith

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Last week I wrote about Fair Weather Faith - people who follow after Christ as long as things are going well, but turn away when the storms of life hit.

There's a flip-side to that coin. I call it Foul Weather Faith. These are people wo live life on their own terms without God as long as things are going well, but when life gets hard, they run to God, desperate for His help. This is a good thing, except that as soon as the crisis has passed, they turn away from God again, reverting back to a self-directed life, which often includes on-going sinful habits. Their desperate need for Gos has waned and so has their commitment to live God's way at least until the next storm hits their lives.

Neither Fair Weather Faith nor Foul Weather Faith is pleasing to God.  What He is looking for is true faith, consistent faith - in good times and bad. Faith that is fully committed to a steady and faithful walk with Him everyday and in every situation of life.

Do you have that kind of All Weather Faith?

Are you a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ? 

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