Are You Missing the Point of Prayer?

 Prayer changes things us!

photo credit: mendhak via photopin cc
Prayer changes us on the inside, alters the way we think about things, what we think about and our attitudes toward things. The point of prayer is not to get things from God, but to open ourselves up to Him - to get to know Him - to allow Him to change those things in us that hinder our spiritual walk with Him.

Point to Ponder: Do I spend way more time in prayer trying to get God to change my circumstances or allowing Him change my character?

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Vilisi said...

Hmmm... a good point to ponder. Hello Jan, I found your blog via Chelle's. I love what I'm reading here. :)

Jan Christiansen said...

Thanks, Vilisi. So glad you found your way over. I love Chelle's blog! She is part of our group, Fellowship of Christian Bloggers. If you like Christian blogs, you can find a Member Directory of our 300+ members and links to their blogs at (Just click on the Member Directory link in the menu at the top of the page.) Have a blessed day.

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Jan ~ good point! Prayer does change us, maybe not our circumstances...but us. Great post!

Jan Christiansen said...

Oh, boy, does he, Chelle! Been praying a lot this week, and God has been busy pointing out things that He wants to change in me. So glad I don't have to try to make those changes on my own! Thanks for dropping by.