Satan's Gone Fishing - Don't Take the Bait!

I grew up fishing with my Dad. He knew just where to fish, what bait to use and the right lure to use if the live bait didn't work.  If the lure or bait wasn't drawing them in, he had a "magic" spray that made them smell enticing to the fish once they took the hook, he knew exactly how to work the line and reel them in.

Me? I always felt a little sorry for the fish. I mean, there they were, swimming along, minding their own business when suddenly something catches their eye. It's shiny, it's moving seductively, it even smells good in a wormy kind of way.

What's the fish expecting? A yummy treat that's going to be so satisfying. A distraction that makes swimming around in the same old boring lake seem fun and exciting. Maybe he's dreaming of how he's going to brag to the "guys" about how good it was. He might even recommend that his buddies give it a try.

What did the fish get? A sharp pain, dragged out of his place of comfort, away from his fishy family. Finally, he was pulled to destruction and finally to his death.

Are you getting the connection?

Satan loves to go fishing. He also knows just where to fish - usually among those who are dissatisfied or bored with the status quo of their life.  He suspects that they're hungry for something new, that they're vulnerable to just the right bait.  

The devil has a tackle box full of lures and magic sprays. He will try everything in his arsenal until he finds what works with you, and when he does, and when you bite, he'll reel you in so fast it will make your little fishy head spin.

Saying yes to his bait will cost you - sometimes your job, friendships, marriage, reputation, money...make no mistake...he will drag you further and further away from happiness until destruction surrounds you and if possible, he will seek to take your life.

How to keep from falling for Satan's bait:
  • Read God's word to stay spiritually strong
  • Be aware of the Devil's schemes and on guard against them
  • Pray to be kept from temptation
  • Pray for insight and wisdom
  • If it looks good - BE CAREFUL!
What to do if you're already on the hook and headed fast toward the shore of destruction:
  • Admit and renounce your sin
  • Ask God to forgive you
  • Admit your sin to a Pastor or a strong and trusted Christian friend- ask them to pray for you
  • Make yourself accountable to someone
  • Make amends with those you've hurt
God has the power to take you off the hook and restore your life. Oh, you might have a sore mouth for a while. Sin always hurts and might even leave a scar. Sin has consequences, but God will strengthen you to face them.

Final advice - stay away from flashy things that distract and tempt you to stray from what you know is safe and right.  

Don't take
the bait!

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joy said...

Thanks Jan! You painted a really good word picture that is easy to understand. Thanks for keeping us aware of our enemy's schemes and of our gracious Heavenly Father's love and mercy.

Besides, I never looked at fishing that way. I love a tasty meal of fresh fish. Never felt sorry for them a bit, but I totally understand what you are saying about the baiting and hooking. We've got to stay in the Word!

Love ya!

Jan Christiansen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Joy and for taking the time to leave a comment. I love fishing, but just can't help but see the parallel in the process.