Monday, July 30, 2012

Strengthening your Spiritual Core

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A few weeks ago I picked up an exercise video at the thrift store. I might as well confess to you right now that I am really out of shape. In an effort to change that, I popped the video into the DVD player and prepared myself to sweat.

This video was different. It was a Yoga workout. The music was soft and soothing, the movements gentle and I was doing great until I was instructed to lie on the floor and do what they called some core strengthening movements.

I couldn't do them. No matter how much I tried to scrunch my abs, I couldn't do it. I have no stomach muscles to speak of. I tried-I tried hard, but could not lift myself from the floor.  The instructor droned on about how this would strengthen my core until I finally yelled at the TV, "I have no core!"

I finally gave up and turned the stinkin' thing off.

Today I was thinking about that video. Not because I wanted to try it again (I've since taken up walking and find that much easier.), but because I I started thinking about my spiritual core.

You know, that part of you that stands strong in the faith, trusting God, believing His Word, unshakable in the storms of life. At least that's how it is if our spiritual core is strong, but if we've allowed our spiritual core to grow weak, we are an easy target for discouragement, fear, doubt and an attack from the enemy.

How do we strengthen our spiritual core?

  • Reading the Word, hiding it in our hearts, speaking it and standing on it
  • Staying in communication with God (prayer) and walking in obedience to Him
  • Surrounding ourselves with strong believers at church, in our small groups
Does that mean we should cloister ourselves within a tight Christian circle? No, it means that if we practice these things, we will strengthen our spiritual core so that not only are we able to stand strong, but we will have something to offer others, an unshakable faith to share with unbelievers and those who are going through the storms of life.

This is one kind of exercise I can do - one that I love to do...and I'm working on the other kind...strengthening my physical core.

How about you? Are you maintaining a strong spiritual core? What do you think are some things that weaken our spiritual core?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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Reformed rebel said...

I'm with you. Pretty much no core to strengthen. My spiritual core gets weak when I don't read the word and stay in communication with the Lord. That's when satan attacks the most because he knows I am weak then. Very good post.


Jan Christiansen said...

Good to know I'm not alone in the lack of core thing!

Your comment made me think...

How does Satan know when we are weak?

That just might be another blog post!