So, what's the plan, God?

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

It's comforting to know that God has a plan for my future. He knows what the next season of my life will hold and His plans are for my good.  I just wish He'd let me in on them!

Photo courtest Trine Harritz Larsen
I don't wait well. I want to know what the next step is so I can start working on it now, or if I can't work on it, at least I can start getting a little excited about it. Instead, I wake up each day thinking that just around the next corner is something really great for me, something fun and exciting.

The problem is that while I'm focused on the future, I'm not really enjoying the present...and that's just wrong!  Each day should be lived to it's fullest, with thanksgiving for the Father's provision and love. After all, if I can't treasure everything He's given me today, I can't move on to the new thing He wants to do in my life.

Am I the only one who's like this? Do you ever spend so much time looking forward that you miss today?

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Kelly said...

YES! Absolutely. Especially since I've started writing. I can't tell you how many times I check my email a day *just in case* I've gotten one from an agent or a publisher. Great post!

Jan Christiansen said...

Whew! Then I'm not the only one. That makes me feel a little better. Thanks for dropping by, Kelly.

Happy writing!

Denise said...

Great thoughts Jan; I certainly don't wait well either, but I try and remember that our past is remembered and our future is hoped for, but the present moment is when we are called to seek Him with each breath we take and with each moment that passes. :)

Blessings and hugs,

Jan Christiansen said...

Oh, that's good, Denise!

"our past is remembered and our future is hoped for, but the present moment is when we are called to seek Him with each breath we take"

Jotting that down in my journal!

Thanks for dropping by!

Happy Blogging - Jan

Shakin' the Foundation said...

Yes!! I do the same thing!! The waiting season is always hard for me ! Thank you for such a great reminder!! ( I am not the most patient person either)


Jan Christiansen said...

You're welcome, Stacey. Thanks for dropping by!

I suppose the waiting season produces that "patience thingy" (technical term) that God is so fond of, so even though it feels like we're waiting for something to happen, something is actually happening right then. Something invisible and invaluable.

joy said...

I think a lot of folks "live" in the future. I wouldn't call myself patient, but I believe it's a big waste of what God's given us now to live in the future. It's that take up your cross daily thing. Jesus didn't take up his cross until the day he died. If we are to take up our cross daily, then we need to live, appreciate, enjoy today as if it was the last one we have. It just possibly may be!
If we want to look forward to something, let heaven be it. That is something we can practice for right here, right now: praising, singing, enjoying the simple beauty of what's around us and being thankful to God for all of it. Isn't He good!!! Thanks for the reminder, Jan.

Jan Christiansen said...

"Jesus didn't take up his cross until the day he died."

I like that! Jesus didn't fret about what the future held, He served the Father to the fullest each day.

Now, you've given me something to remember, Joy. Thanks!