A Grandmother's Legacy

My beautiful grandmother, Mable Glaze
A blogging friend of mine posted this verse on her blog today...

I have no greater joy than this, to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 John 1:4

It brought back wonderful memories of my Grandma Glaze. She was a colorful and fiesty lady and I loved her spunk. When she passed, I inherited her Bible. While thumbing through it I came across this same verse in 3rd John. It was underlined and "My favorite verse" was written in the margin.

My Grandma gave birth to 14 children. When she passed, she had 52 grandchildren. I've lost track of how many great-grandchildren, but it's very near 100 and now we're into the great-great generation - maybe about 35 so far...and almost all of them are believers!

Never underestimate the power of a praying mother and grandmother!

The greatest thing you can do for your family for generations to come is to pray them into the Kingdom of God and never, ever give up.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post :) like you I had wonderful memories of my Nana.. She was a beautiful Christian woman she had 8 children, lost count of grand-children, great grand-children but a lot.. I understand what you said about not underestimate the prayers from devoted praying grand-parents, I am living proof..

Jan Christiansen said...

I am living proof, too, Darleen. And someday, I want my grandchildren to say they are the living proof of my prayers. What a wonderful power we have in prayer for doing our families more good than we can in any other way.

Thanks for stopping by,

Joy said...

Thanks Jan, for for reminding us. It's so important to "pray without ceasing" for our kiddos and loved ones. I'm so thankful that God gave us the privilege of prayer and His heart for our children. He is soooooooo good!!!
Thank you for this post!