Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Turn Your Distractions into a God Moment

Distracted when trying to focus on God?

We all do it. We all sit down to spend some time with God only to find within minutes our mind wanders off to something that happened yesterday, a hurt, something we need to do, something that we don't like about ourselve. Suddenly we realize we are no longer in prayer, in the Word or even thinking about God.

It's frustrating to think that we can't spend more than a moment with God without being distracted, so we shove those thoughts aside and try to pull ourselves back into the presence of God.

Here's a thought - what if those thoughts are not random distractions, but insight into things that we need to deal with? What if God is bringing them to mind because He wants to help us work through them? What if they are meant to reveal a sin or short-coming that God wants us to confess and seek forgiveness for?

The next time this happens, instead of pushing those thoughts aside, try this...imagine He is sitting in a chair across the table from you. Talk those things out with Him. Be sensitive to what He might be saying to you about your thoughts. Listen for Him to bring a scripture to mind or to give you some instructions.

God is interested in everything that concerns us. Let me repeat that...
God is INTERESTED in EVERYTHING that concerns us!
Talking those things out with Him will clear the air, help us grow and enable us to focus on connecting with Him on a deeper level.  Turn those distractions into a God moment!

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