One Step at a Time

Earlier this month, I posted a poem called The Journey. It was part of the blog chain for May.  Each member selects a day of the month to post, then writes an entry on the theme of the month.  May's theme was journeys.

After reading these stories (links to the stories are at the end of this post), one thing has become crystal clear to me.  It's the steps you take TODAY that are the most important in your journey!

Yesterday's steps have been trod. We can't change them, but we don't have to be defined by them because, today is a new day. We can choose steps that will continue along the same path we've been walking - if that's the path we want, or we can choose to alter our steps to put ourselves on a new path.

So, where are today's steps leading you?
Where is it you want to go?
Are the steps you are taking today leading you there?

For me, the most exciting part of my life's journey is knowing that God has a good path laid out for my life and I choose everyday to walk in that path. Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fall and sometimes I veer off the path, but always God draws me back to the right path through His incredible love, His grace and His mercy.

Father, thank you for the gift of choice. Help us to see clearly that the choices we make today determine where we will be tomorrow. Lead us in the paths that you have chosen for us. Amen

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Joy said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder, friend!