Slow down, people!

I made a trip to Walmart this morning to pick up a few things and almost got killed!

Ok, maybe my life wasn't in danger, but still, I almost got run over by three women, who were obviously in a hurry to get somewhere.  The first one shot out from between the clothing racks into the main aisle with a cart full of groceries. I almost T-boned her.  She shook her head and mumbled "Sorry, I didn't even look." and rushed on toward the check-out lane.

The second was a Walmart employee with a cart full of pretzels that she was moving to a display in the middle of the main aisle. She did a quick two-wheeled left turn when she spotted me. She narrowly missed me, but didn't lose one bag of pretzels from the cart, most impressive!. A sheepish grin was all I got by way of apology.

The third was my neighbor - a sweet little old lady who can barely drive a car - or a cart. She stopped in the middle of the aisle, so I couldn't get around her. She was bent on giving me all the latest gossip from around the neighborhood.  I told her I was in a hurry and moved on, but not before I almost cut a lady off in the laundry detergent aisle!

Why are people always in such a hurry?

I wonder how many of us rush past our Bibles each morning, too busy to take in a little of God's word? How many blow right past the Holy Spirit when he attempts to give us some guidance? And how often do we cut God off when He is just about to direct us down the path He's chosen for us, in favor of our own short-cut to where we want to go?  I wonder.

Anyway, I survived Walmart. I even let a young man go ahead of me in the 10-Item Only express lane.  He only had 6 items...I had 14.

Father, please help me to slow down enough that I can connect with you and so that I don't run over others. Amen

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Debbie said...

Jan, it does seem like we all in such a hurry. I wonder how many divine opportunities we miss. I'm glad you survived your Walmart trip though. :)

Blessings and love,

Jan Christiansen said...

Thanks, Deb - glad I survived, too. Next time I go I'm wearing a crash helmet!

Caroline said...

Great post. Sometimes hubby & I discuss this same issue. Why don't we slow down, take the time to visit those we always want to but never seem to find the time, do the things important to us as a couple, instead of doing what seems necessary.

Thanks for the reminder.

Joy said...

Well, Jan, it's true, it's true! And I think that all of us have found ourselves in too big of a hurry at times to notice those around us like Jesus did.
Thanks for taking a moment to slow us all down. I appreciate that you help me with everyday life to gain a different perspective. I'm glad you're my sister.
Love ya!