Make Your Own Kind of Music!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."  Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

A mockingbird sat in the tree just outside my window this morning, singing his little heart out. I was amazed by the many different sounds he could make.  When I lived in Ohio, I had bird feeders at my windows and quickly learned to recognize different species by their calls. I could usually tell which birds were at the feeder before looking.

As I listened to the serenade outside my window this morning, I didn't know whether to feel sad because the mockingbird had no song of his own and had to imitate the sounds of other birds or awed that this articulate bird could speak so many different languages.

The books say that male mockingbirds sing the loudest and that males without mates often sing into the night. (Resisting the urge to make a snide comment here) A male mocking bird is able to learn up to 200 songs and has even been known to imitate the sounds of barking dogs, sirens and crying babies. (still resisting the urge)

I feel sad for the mockingbird. It's so lonely and has to imitate the songs of other birds in an effort to attract a mate. 

I've known people who are like mockingbirds. They are so lonely that they will disguise who they really are and take on the persona of the kind of person they think others want them to be in order to attract companionship.

Since we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, shouldn't we be who He has created to be?

Father, thank you for making each one of uniquely wonderful. Help us to stand proud and be who we truly are, secure in the knowledge that you love us and that you will bring others into our lives that are attracted to us for who we are, not for who we pretend to be. Amen (and please bring a mate for that poor little mockingbird outside my window.)

(Copyright© 2011 Jan Christiansen. All rights reserved.)


Debra Ann Elliott said...

That is awesome! For the same books as mine? Congrat's to you too! Thank you.

Lyn said...

Jan, how very true. Often people not only try to be what they are not to attract people, but also to repel people. You can't be truly happy if you aren't being you.

I tried to be "proper and very ladylike" for years -- mainly at the insistence of my mother, but it wasn't me. I'm casual, I like roughing it and being in formal social situations freaks me out. I'm just me, take me as I am, or not at all.

God made me, God loves me, 'nuff said :-)


Jan Christiansen said...

I like who you are, Lyn!